por {{ author }} Cinthia Almeraz sobre Aug 02, 2020

Mother-Athlete-CEO 💪🏽

I created this brand because I always felt I never belonged anywhere, it’s hard for me to be one thing because I am a lot of things and the world doesn’t always understand that. I’m a single mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a fighter, a latina, a woman. I believe there are others out there like me so with this brand I want to create a community of like minded people both women and men who are not afraid to be different, no matter how weird, no matter their physique, no matter their color. The rebels, the misfits, the ones who stand out, the dreamers that believe in the impossible...because while the world sees “crazy” I see potential in them and in me. If the world isn’t coming at us with respect, honesty and good intentions then “leave us alone” and that is how my shirts were born ❤️
We are so proud of you Nathaly , cant wait to get myself a shirt! 💪🏽Go give her a follow & check out her merch !

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