Libby Luck

por {{ author }} Cinthia Almeraz sobre Jun 26, 2020

Libby Luck
She is the Latina artist behind La Fuerte 💪🏽!
Libby is the biggest example of what hard work can do for your future! She has work 2 trabajos to support her family & herself over the years! Artistry runs in her familia, her sister is also a tattoo artist who taught Libby how to tattoo so they can tattoo each other 🖤
Her biggest inspiration is her familia, she continues to work hard to make them proud & take care of them! She just opened her own studio in Las Vegas & her books are filling up fast!
Libby is a huge inspiration to all Latinas out there looking to grow a business & stay true to their passions!
We are so proud of you girl 🖤

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