Juan Perez

por {{ author }} Cinthia Almeraz sobre Feb 19, 2021

Juan Perez

The artist behind Lift Now, Smile Later

Hello, my name is Juan Perez and I’m an American traditional artist.


I have been working on my art since 2013, I fell in love with the American traditional style at a young age and knew right away that’s the style I wanted to create from there on out.


I do work a full time job, but when I’m not at work you can either find me at my desk working on designs, working on photography, or doing cross-fit.


Almost a year and a half ago I gave up heavy smoking + drinking and started doing cross-fit. What started out as a very difficult and challenging fitness journey turned into a love for PR’s and Lifting.


If I’m not working on art, I’m working on myself.

Follow Juan Perez on IG @apachejuan

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