We are all Latina Lifters!

by Cinthia Almeraz on Jun 26, 2020

As little girls, we look up to those stronger, louder, badass women that make a difference around us! When we grow up, we look for those who are trying to make it! Those who achieve their goals, that keep hustling , that work hard to get what they want! As Latinas we want to see other Latinas succeed! We look for representation in power, in the media & now in the fitness world!Β 

I am a Latina Lifter, im strong, im loud & I have attitude! I will use that attitude to push thru & keep going! I will achieve my goals & cheer for others during their journey because their success is important to me!

This community was created to spotlight those strong individuals, those badass women that give the younger generation something to look for, someones steps to follow!

Todas somos Latina Lifters!!!!!

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