Meet Angel she/her

by Cinthia Almeraz on Dec 22, 2020

Meet Angel she/her

Hi! My name is Angel Flores, pronouns she/her. I’m an Olympic Weightlifter with @utexasweightlifting, and a part time Crossfitter. I now work with @liberationbarbellcluband train there most days.

I am transgender, male to female. I was raised Latino, but I’m proud to call myself Latina. I got started lifting back in high school, and got into Olympic Lifting through UT about a year and a half ago.

After starting hormonal transition about a month ago, my goals drastically changed. I am no longer actively competing, but still train to stay strong. My real goals are to beat the stigma and create space in the strength world for Trans people and trans women specifically. With myths being perpetuated, like trans women having an inherent advantage, I want to use a platform to spread the truth and educate people on people like me.

Trans women are women, trans athletes have no inherent advantage, and I am a loud, obnoxious, strong trans woman. You will hear my voice.

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