Bienvenidos to Latina Lifters!

by Cinthia Almeraz on Jun 12, 2020

Bienvenidos to Latina Lifters!


Fitness in the Latinx community

Breaking the stereo type.. lets be real, not all of us look like Selena & Jennifer Lopez.. as much as we would love to! It is important for us to accept different body types, to love ourselves & to showcase healthy life styles. 

The importance of fitness in the latinx community gets shadowed by the believe that if you work out you will look bulky & manly. It is important to understand & educate each other on different body types & work outs before making a decision no to stay active.

3 out of 4 Latinas are overweight or obese. Most research shows that physical activity in Latinas are influenced by social & environmental factors.

Unfortunately social influences can have a negative impact on women. This is why is extremely important to showcase healthy bodies at every level of fitness. It is our duty as latinx women to celebrate each other, to follow each others journeys & share our success stories with those who can identify with us.

It is Latina Lifters priority to share those journeys & maintain a healthy relationship with fitness , it will ensure our clica remains comfortable & positive !

The power of representation 

How do we teach our younger generations to be themselves when they arent being represented in the media?

Our culture is rich, not just flavors, colors & traditions but music, artists & people that lack the recognition that they should have! Latina Lifters isnt just a clothing brand, we want to share what this community has to offer, we want everyone to be proud when wearing our shirts, we want to raise our lifters up high, those amazing individuals doing extraordinary things for their families & communities! We want to be their voice, their platform & their spotlight. It is our mission to work with other latinx organizations to grow & amplify those voices, those talents that have been unrecognized for years!

 We want our young adults to look at those everyday Latinx Heros & see hope for their future! 


We love showing off our strong Latinx lifters! If you want to be featured in our website/social media platforms send us your story & fav pic to or DM us on Instagram! 


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  • Rocio Stiner
    Aug 02, 2020 at 14:48

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I have struggled with myself for years. I am now working on myself inside and out. I want my daughter to know that as a woman we need to appreciate what our bodies can do not just what we look like. Bad ass latina lifters is what we need more of in the world!!!!!!!!!


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